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Peter travels nationwide and can tailor his performances to accommodate any event size, duration and budget.  Also, Peter's awesome and versatile DJ SERVICE is available separately or in combination with any option listed below.  To check Peter’s availability and to receive a quote for a custom live music package that provides the perfect vibe for your event, phone 708-226-9910 OR email

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SOLO VOCAL: Frank Sinatra/Dean Martin Las Vegas style tribute

Anyone can look like the great legends, but Peter captures their mannerisms, tonality, and phrasing better than anyone in the country! Accompanied by full orchestral tracks, you’ll swear you're hearing the original record.  Presentation can be tweaked with songs popularized by Nat King Cole, Elvis and other Rat Pack era artists to provide the perfect blend of energy, interactivity and fun for any occasion or venue!

DUO or TRIO: Dainty but delightful!

The DUO is comprised of piano/keyboard and vocals and is best-suited for intimate settings. The TRIO consists of 3 pieces(piano/keyboard, vocals and bass OR saxophone) and has a fuller, more enriching presence than the DUO.  Both cost-efficient ensembles can provide the right ambiance for petite soirees held in a limited space such as a home, library, restaurant and/or bar.


QUARTET: 4 gives MORE!

The QUARTET consists of 4 pieces (piano/keyboard, vocals, bass, & drums OR saxophone) and creates a fuller, more rhythmically energized and versatile atmosphere that is ideal for receptions, corporate functions, lounges, dinners, casinos, restaurants, hotels, and many other mid-size affairs and settings.


The QUINTET consists of 5 pieces (piano/keyboard, vocals, bass, drums & saxophone) and is noted for it's great flexibility because of the wide variety of interesting textures and rhythms it can produce.  Great for concerts, receptions, larger parties and much more!

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The impressively powerful and elegant 8-piece MINI BIG BAND(comprised of keyboard, bass, drums, tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone and vocals) is the epitome of versatility for concerts, receptions, galas, casinos, and other moderate to grandiose doings where you need to pull out all the stops! **PLEASE NOTE:  A minimum 15' wide x 10' deep area is required to accommodate this ensemble.

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